Like three ships on the ocean, at night, journalist Quentin Legrand, actor Peter Kern, and painter Remi Mercelis, were destined to meet.
They became Quiet Stars.

quietsstar-5ac92 © Christophe Poot

Based in Brussels, Quiet Stars exist since 1999. They have played at the occasion of several marriages, birth and birthdays, and even exhibition openings. Name it easy jazz or wall-paper music – musique amuse-gueule sur les rythmes bossa-nova – the performance is musical, textual and visual.

With :
Peter Kern, guitars
Quentin Legrand, saxophone
Remi Mercelis, keyboards & voice

Augmented by: Jef Mercelis (recording, mixing).

Peter Kern: Austrian actor/dancer established in Brussels since the end of the 80’s. Came to perform with the dance company Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez. He regularly works with the concert hall Recyclart and acts in short movies and advertising spots.
Actor/dancer in The Weight Of A Hand, Immer daselbe Gelogen, Alle Grössen decken sich zu and short movie La Mentira (Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez).
Actor/dancer in Fragment and Bango (Rob Frey – ex-leader of cult noise rock Dutch band ‘Gore’).
Actor in the movies Pâques au tison and Komma (Martine Doyen); The Chinese Dog (Lut Vandekeybus) & several advertising spots.
Holds the leading role in Tomorrow a long movie by Martine Doyen also featuring Quiet Stars and Bruce Geduldig (Tuxedomoon).
Guitars & vocals in Quiet Stars.

Remi Mercelis: Belgian (Flemish) painter with a classical music education (Hoogstraten); he works regularly with the concert hall Recyclart and plays in short movies and advertising spots.
Performer/composer in the children show Kermis Machine (with Danja Cauwberghs, prod. Kaaitheater / Paleis voor Schone Kunsten / Het Net).
Actor in the movie Komma (Martine Doyen) and several advertising spots.
Realised the decors for a dance performance by Gisèle Ramos di Oliveira.
Master of ceremony at the occsaion of Festival Recyclart (2001-2002) and Balls to Lounge (Atomium, 2003).
Acts in Tomorrow a long movie by Martine Doyen (also featuring Quiet Stars).
Keyboards/vocals in Quiet Stars, Ipflstradlflipn, Stubbers, Benny Hillbeatles and Domino City.

Quentin Legrand: Belgian (Walloon) journalist, has worked with the Beursschouwburg, Recyclart, City Min(e)d, Radio Panik, Aliceday Art Gallery, art curator collective Komplot, dance theatre companies SOIT and Peeping Tom.
Editor for art magazine Janus (Jan Fabre, Antwerpen).
Master of Ceremony in Vollevox 3 and Vollevox 4 (Komplot).
Actor in short movie The Plot (Loïc Vanderstichelen and Simon Backès).
Dj in Beursschouwburg, Le Café Central, Recyclart, Wiels, Walvis…
Held two radioshows on Radio Panik (Vasistas, Le nez dans l’oeil).
Created the soundtrack for the dance solo Yo-Yo by Stefan Dreher (Cie Pierre Droulers).
Intern assistant on In Spite Of Wishing And Wanting (Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez).
Master of Ceremony in Ego devant la mort, a performance by Aline Bouvy, John Gillis, Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost.
Co-directed De l’un à l’autre, a radio play with Kosten Koper.
Extra in Tomorrow a long movie by Martine Doyen (also featuring Quiet Stars).
Saxophone / vocals in Quiet Stars.

In the rainy March Anno 1998 the two autodictates, Quentin Legrand, Tenorsax, Peter Kern Guitars met for the first time with the classical trained Remi Mercelis (perfect pitch, sic) to take a dive into the never-ending fascinating world of Bossa Nova. At the same period they got acquainted with François Doucement, musictherapist from Brest who stayed in Brussels for a seminar/congress of Music Therapy. F.D. joined soon their meetings – very long & social rehearsals, consisting of a main dish prepared by Remio & Pink Ladies prepared by Pedrino & some groovy CD’s by Quietino – to be present @ The Birth Of The Concept. F.D. introduced them to the universe of “Der Ruhepuls”, the puls in a non-active-occupation, 60 bpm; which is based on the theories of Dr. Arnd Stein “Musik für Praxis & Wartezimmer”.
So the music of Q.S. is mostly slow but often instrumental and between romanticism & pathos/ Kitsch.
At one Barbiecue, Summer of the same year Q.S. performed their first two numbers. Headliner in any case was the legendary Jef Mercelis, brother-of, who augmented their sound with subtle effects – sounds. He does it to this day. As well records & mixes. The Birth Of The Concept & The Birth Of The Unique, Ultimate Sound Of Q.S.!

Soon after that they retired from Journalism, Painting & Acting.

QS concentrates on the creation of one song a year.


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