Quiet Stars for Felix

Quiet Stars are too stubborn to be trendy.
Geert Leemans, President of Honour of The Quiet Stars Appreciation Society, 2001

Quiet Stars are Brussels best kept secret, and have (in their just-in-time way) released the best cd of 2005. The music you are about to hear could only have been performed by this unique trio consisting of a dancer, a reporter and a painter. Is it a painting of a reporter dancing? An article about a dancing painter? A duo for painter and reporter? Who knows? Who cares? Imagine Marcel Broodthaers meeting Jacques Brel on Copacabana beach and you’ll find yourself in the magic land where Quiet Stars reside.
Stefaan Quix, 2005

Wohlfühlmusik – Wellness music: an extract of the acclaimed biography “Waiting is F.U.N.” by François Doucement.

Introducing the group, let me start with Remi Mercelis, a retired painter who enjoyed a classical education on the piano. Of big importance for the rest of the band, the two autodidacts Quietino & Pedrino, is Remio’s absolute ear – the perfect pitch! Which leads us to his brother, the legendary Jef Mercelis – augmentor of the typical Quiet Stars Sound – , who also inherited this invaluable gift. (…) Wohlfühlmusic, in general, is slow. With Quiet Stars, even dangerously slow; in respect to the successfull universal “Ruhepuls für Praxis und Wartezimmer” by Dr. Arnd Stein. (…) After five years of intense search for tranquillity, Quiet Stars are able to provide you with horizontal as well as vertical bossas with lazy elegance. Full of depth and emotion is the sophisticated arrangement by Remio of an excerpt of Bela Bartok’s Third Piano Concerto: “Adagio Religioso”. And the Slow of the Slows dedicated to lollying Mr Telly Savalas – “If” – composed by Bread, plus the Charm of their first Auftragsmusik for the moving picture “Usage Interne” (composed by Sterenn Martin).
After listening to Quiet Stars, you will agree that this is not a trio, this is a triumvirate of Wohlfühlmusik & leaves one in absolute quiet tranquillity.

François Doucement (Music Therapeut) – Brest, May 2005.

With Quiet Stars, every artistic decision is a mistake, and every mistake is an artistic decision.
Stefaan Quix, 2009

Be prepared for the biggest nightmare of your life.
A discrete warning of the Irish soundman to a ‘Colleague-Musician’, 2009


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